My Name is Khan

My Name is Khan is an upcoming movie of Shahrukh Khan which has been directed by Karan Johar and will be released during the end of 2009. It’s a movie thats based on a true story about a Muslim┬áman who suffers from Asperger syndrome and is detained by authorities who suspect him to be a terrorist. The movie also stars actress Kajol opposite Shahrukh Khan.

21 responses to “My Name is Khan”

  1. zeeshan

    Heloo shahrukh khan me ap ka boht bada fan hu.i am your big (fan)(SRK)My hart (My life)(shahrukh khan) (shahrukh khan) (shahrukh khan zeeshan)

  2. Mizu

    Hi Shahrukh, i am your big big fan. I am from Bangladesh. I want in your movie you acting in Bangladesh.

  3. Hameed

    I am waiting for your movies King.

  4. siraj

    Khan saheb please get well soon….about movie My Name Is Khan i am sure this will be a best movie of 2009

    Best of Luck SRK & Kj

  5. rdk

    i am very keenly waiting for this

  6. wafaa from morocco

    salam and namasti mr. shahrukh khan ,i am so thankful to allah that you are now doing well ,i hope you are not in pain ,i wish you all the best and i pray that allah kip you always in good chape and gives you all you want ,and protect you and you kids and your wife ,gauri, that i respect a lot , so allah be hamecha with you our dear

  7. ghufran

    I m big fan of srk…..can’t explain

  8. somya

    korbo lorbo jetbo for kolkata night rider.chak de kolkata

  9. Sadhna

    Hiiiiiiiiiii Shahrukh,
    I am your big fan .I am really excited about your upcoming movie ” My Name is Khan” I hope this will be blockbuster hit as usuall.

  10. wafaa rom morooco

    salam mr. shahrukh khan ,i hope you are doing great and if not dont worry,main hoo na ,i pray for you all day and i will until i die and even after that ,you are the most important person in my life and you shude be so glad because of the good you are doing in our lifes ,i can t now imagine me without your influance, without you .
    i know that you have probably heard that a lot, but believe me ,i mean every singel word i said ,
    please take care and have faith in allah ,and be shure that he want let you down because you deserve the best ,you are so good
    allah hafed my dear

  11. meghna

    im a great fan of urs. n just waiting for ur movies

  12. Prithvi

    MNIK is going to be an absolutely rocking film, it sounds very interesting and Shah Rukh’s fabulous acting will carry it of really well.

  13. arzu

    asalam !!!mr shah rukh !!Im your littel fans(play joking ,im your big big big and very big fans)!!!Im 18 years old in this years !!!when I 12years old ,I like you so much !! i think you are very best !!i like you very much !!!and i hope one day i can see you !!!do you write me soon ???i hope you can ~~~~thank you !!!oh !!please dont forgot allah !!!hope allah give you a happy times evry day !!!….bye !!!

  14. ShAnTaNu GhAnEkAr

    u r not just khan…………………
    u r ‘KiNg KhAn’…………………..

  15. Saqib

    I’m badly waiting this Movie.

  16. ramsha wasti

    salam! i m a gr88888 fan of SRK and anxiously w8ing 4 his upcomin movie “my name is KHAN”

  17. Katerina

    Shahrukh Khan is one of the most gifted actors of his time. Every movie he makes captures the magic, and intensity of the moment. Thank you Shahrukh for keeping it real. Your movies helped me heal during one of the most difficult times in my life. I wish you and your beautiful family lots of love, happiness, and health.

  18. rahul

    hi shahrukh sir,i’m ur big fan .iwant o see ur movie quickly sir,plz relese it soon sir

  19. khan

    i love you sharukh i am from swat

  20. Jheney

    Dear Mr. Shahruk Khan,

    you are our ideal Hero…!!!! here in Bangladesh people here big fan of you, …

  21. Bhavi

    Hello Mr Khan

    You are a most amazing man so talented and hard working, I am a great fan of yours and watch all your movies. Like all other movies of your MNIK will be a block buster.


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