Shahrukh says he takes his wife Gauri for granted

Shahrukh Khan – The king of Bollywood is also known as the king of romance in the same industry. Shahrukh has done a number of romantic movies like Kuch Kuch Hota Hai and Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge. One can think or assume that romance must be a significant part of his real life personality. But Shahrukh says in reality, he is not that romantic. Like any other ordinary guy, he also has to put a lot of effort to pull a romantic thing.

SRKhan and wife Gauri have completed 24 long years of togetherness which include 17 years of their married life. Shahrukh says these years have gone leaving many rememberable moments in his and Gauri’s life and the most precious is the presence of their children (son Aryan and daughter Suhana) in their life who made them a family more than a couple.

When we started courting we hadn’t really thought we would achieve this.

 He says with a smile. Shahrukh also says that he takes his wife Gauri for granted and finds it wrong to say that one shouldn’t take their family for granted; for which he feels they are the only ones you can take for granted and that’s why they are your family. But Shahrukh also adds that he respects and loves his wife a lot and that he likes taking her advice in most matters. About Gauri, he further says that she gets a bit irritated when he cracks some jokes which she thinks doesn’t suit the position which Shahrukh holds. She thinks that SRKhan should be more dignified than what he is.

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